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We recover Business to business deals locally and domestically and cover the following types of industries under our debt recovery services

  • All type of Repossession (Vehicles & Assets)
  • Normal Account Collection
  • Stuck/Default Accounts Collection.
  • Disputed Amounts Collection.
  • Cheque Bounce/Unpaid Invoices Collection
  • to file Criminal Case
  • to file Civil Case
  • Unpaid Salaries
  • Mortgage Payment Collections
  • Real Estate/Installment Collection
  • Real Estate Dispute settlement
  • Trade Debts
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Banks Collection

All types of Financial Settlements between creditor and debtor.

Legal Special Handling:

ABC Legal Special Handling team can handle difficult and stubborn debtors by deploying legal actions that help in a timely settlement of dues. This team is well versed in all laws pertaining to commercial cases and debt repossession, collection & recovery, both in the UAE and in the home cities of debtors.

When a case is being resolved, final settlement is achieved through our network of lawyers who assist us in executing court judgments in most cities of country.

For local services, the Legal Special Handling team files police case in UAE, and follow up their progress to provide quick and efficient solutions. They are supported by Field Agents who conduct field visit and personally negotiate the settlement of dues with these debtors.

ABC Legal Special Handling team is supported by our company with team of well qualified attorneys and legal experts; they study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide effective legal support where necessary.

Skip Tracing:

People who get into debt are likely to avoid payment, which may often mean changing their address, moving out of the city, and/or making other efforts not to be found.

ABC undertakes and executes Skip Tracing operations as & when deemed appropriate, when the task is to locate debtors who have moved out of the city, or whose whereabouts are unknown.

We understand that laws of country and a debtor who has moved out of city may not be subjected to the same obligations as in the UAE. In these cases, our sister concerns in other cities debt recovery is marked by our strong partnerships with several domestic repossession, collection & recovery agencies and law firms. These agencies are among the most respected in the country, and their services are directly reported to us, which means you will continue to receive the same care, timeliness, attention and unparalleled results.

Dependant on the circumstances, our teams can locate most of the Skip Tracing cases and enable amicable settlement.

Auto Loans:

When it comes to Auto loans, banks are often stuck with delinquencies and charge-offs despite being cautious when reviewing requests, conducting reference checks, studying employment histories and analyzing credit scores. To make it worse, vehicles are movable assets, and auto loan customers who fail to pay their dues often leave the city, move to other cities, or even attempt to sell their car.

ABC team is trained to trace and locate missing cars and hand them back to the bank. This service is available throughout the UAE. In special cases, our teams not only recover the overdue but also repossess the vehicle from customer.

We are experienced in coordinating the sale of the car at auctions or through other arrangements, and returning its current value to the bank while tracing the missing customer and collecting the rest of the outstanding loan.

In case of accidents involving an un-paid or partially paid car, we liaise with insurance companies to recover its full value as per policy, in order to return it to the bank.

When it comes to Auto Loan Collection, some of the services provided by ABC are:

Soft Buckets Collection / Repossession:

  • Front End
  • Mid Range
  • Hardcore

Write Off Collection / Repossession:

This is conducted by a state-of-the-art Tracing centre where the movement of cases and dropping resolutions are strongly controlled and reported to our clients.

Credit cards:

With banks running a neck-to-neck competition in issuing credit cards, it is not uncommon for consumers to carry more than five credit cards, often from different banks. The high compounded interest also makes it very difficult for most of them to manage their payments. Moreover, credit cards are usually issued with less security, and the cost of collection through legal action is sometimes higher than the outstanding amount.

As with personal loans, banks lose millions every year because of past due accounts, especially those associated with credit cards.

Our credit card debt collection service offers solid assurance that revenue and profits that are earmarked as 'lost' can be easily recovered. We play a major role in locating individuals associated with credit card debts, as well as rehabilitating these debtors and re-establishing their credit worthiness. While most cases of credit card debts are followed through by amicable solutions, our legal department takes over stubborn cases.

Our strategy is to collect the outstanding amount with minimum hassle and the lowest costs, while preserving our clients’ goodwill and our own reputation in the collection industry.

When it comes to credit cards, some of the services provided by ABC are:

Soft Buckets Collection:

  • Front End
  • Mid Range
  • Hardcore

Write Off Collection:

This is conducted by a state-of-the-art call centre where the movement of cases and dropping resolutions are strongly controlled and reported to our clients.

Personal loans:

Banks normally provide personal loans against securities, but when a customer fails to Pay back the loan; it becomes a difficult type of debt to collect - especially when the cost of collecting the debt is higher than the debt itself. Banks also choose not to put good money after bad, or incur additional costs to collect debts, choosing instead to outsource the process to a third party. If a bank has exhausted all of its procedures and remain unable to recover a loan, our experienced teams take over.

The process of recovering a personal loan involves different procedures such as:

  • ABC Debt Consultants will review the case and devise a roadmap.
  • ABC Tracing Team traces and locates the debtor, who could be either in the country or abroad.
  • ABC team of negotiators establishes contact with the debtor and negotiates settling their debts amicably by focusing on 'creative problem solving' without compromising the full benefits due to the bank.
  • In the case of a debtor who has left the country, we coordinate with their relatives to collect the debt, and liaise with them until the amount is settled.
  • Legal action is recourse, if necessary.

Our success rate in recovering personal loans on behalf of banks can be attributed to our expertise in negotiation and persuasion, and our specialized communication techniques that go beyond letters and phone calls.

In addition to Personal Loans, our collectors are specialized in handling all other banking debts such as over drafts, home loans, easy loans, and more.

When it comes to loan recovery, members of our teams wear many hats – they are problem solvers, trouble shooters, negotiators, communicators, investigators and strategists.

Corporate Banking:

The process of recovering a corporate banking case involves studying its case history, analyzing its key elements, generating an action plan, and taking necessary actions to establish a schedule of repayment.

Our client portfolio includes banks and financial institutions. The special cases we handle on their behalf include debt collection related to shares and stocks dues, among others. We are qualified to represent these clients at police departments and in court, at all levels and through all stages of jurisdiction.

The Corporate Banking Department is supported by company. With its team of well qualified attorneys and legal experts, they study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide effective legal support where necessary. Additional support is provided by our specialized Tracing Team who traces debtors whose whereabouts are not known, whether they are in the country or abroad.

Corporate Services – B2B:

ABC provides collection services to both local and multinational companies, and work closely with them to provide timely and creative solutions to improve cash flow and reverse the negative impact of slow payments and credit flows.

Many companies offer credit facilities to other companies for competition and to gain market share. Sometimes, companies receiving such facilities default on their payments and if the creditor is unable to locate the owners, it is stuck with a bad loan.

ABC is highly successful in tracing these company owners with unknown domiciles. That’s why we guarantee a quick settlement of debts from debtors who often change their addresses, leave the city or use other methods to remain inaccessible.

ABC also enforces the court’s decisions by liquidating and attaching debtors’ assets and returns it to its rightful claimants.

Retail Commercial Debts – B2C:

Large companies who provide their services or products to their consumers with credit facilities usually face cash flow problems with customers who fail to pay their dues on time. These companies would like their money to be recovered with minimum cost and hassle without jeopardizing their reputation in the market. Here, we provide and execute debt repossession, collection & recovery solutions in the most professional manner, ensuring both timely and effective recovery.

Our Field Collectors work hand-in-hand with the Tele-Collectors to visit debtors and collect payments, and deposit them in our clients’ accounts in a timely manner. They are also supported by our Legal Special Handling team and specialized Skip Tracing Team. We continue to achieve a high success ratio in locating debtors based on the skills of our professional skip tracers and our large database.

We follow an open channel of communication with clients and provide them with full assurance that their money are in safe hands. At the same time, we deal with their delinquent customers in the most professional manner so as to uphold our clients’ reputation.




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