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About ABC Collect

ABC COLLECT DEBT COLLECTION is one of leading debt repossession, collection & recovery agency in UAE, ABC is proud on their working team because ABC having the very vast experience and well trade oriented staff team with sole motive to provide quality services in all related fields.

We have tremendously and have developed integrated network of searching, repossessing, collecting, recovering & surveying of assets & others in UAE with addition to our intercity self-relations with the local & Govt. authorities.

Affirming our company’s commitment of putting the clients first. We believe in maintaining a close relation with clients & authorities as they contributes to being giving minutes feedback on current situation effecting this industry and responsiveness at our end, toward this goal. We have invested in sophisticated communication and information network systems. This is allowed us to create solutions through information sharing.

Together with our company network we are able to Repossess, Collect, Recover and Survey client assets & others all over the UAE & also we are fully equipped to sell repossessed goods through bidding for recovering balance / principle bad debt of our clients.

Brief Introduction:

Each functional area of ABC is handled by professionals who are experts in their respective fields. As such, our operations are broadly classified into specialized divisions that include:

  • Local Tracing / Repossession.
  • Skip Tracing / Repossession.
  • Legal Special Handling.
  • Soft Collection.
  • Hardcore Collection.
  • Write-off Collection.
  • Auto Loan Collection.
  • Field Collection.
  • Tele-Collection.

The Corporate Collection division, our prime business unit, is segregated into separate Commercial and Banking sections.

All these divisions are further strengthened by internal support departments. ABC Quality Control Department maintains full quality control at every stage of the collection lifecycle, thereby ensuring that targeted results are achieved on time efficiently. On the other hand, ABC Internal Audit department ensures full compliance with all monetary procedures requested and required by clients.

Moreover, ABC Policy Department ensures continuous improvements on the policies and procedures of various collection functions - both to meet international best practices and to prepare the company for quality certifications.


Members of ABC team are multicultural, multilingual, well qualified, and highly specialized in their respective fields of operations.ABC debt collection centre is equipped with advanced technology and uses state-of- the-art collection software that covers all the vital call centre processes. We also deploy established best practices of the collection industry.

ABC is committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, while preserving absolute confidentiality for our customers.

Mission statement:

To provide world class debt repossession, collection & recovery services in order to recover our clients' bad debts before it reaches the write-off stage; achieving the highest recovery rate through amicable solutions with minimum hassle and comparatively low costs, and preserving our clients’ goodwill and our own reputation in the collection industry. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, while preserving absolute confidentiality.


Our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable debt repossession, collection & Recovery Company in the market for all types of collection services, with special attention towards the banking and financing sectors. This vision is being achieved based on our strong values and principles.

Core Values:

  • Achieving all our repossession, collection & recovery activities in strict compliance with local laws and best practices.
  • Focusing on a 'creative problem solving' approach by educating debtors on best settlement solutions, without compromising our client’s benefits.
  • Providing constant and consistent advice to debtors, in order to improve their relations with our clients.
  • Executing repossession, collection & recovery services in the most professional manner, including adhering to confidentiality, protecting clients' rights, and collecting their full dues.
  • Implementing and adhering to strict privacy policies that apply to all types of actions before, during, and after settlement.

Success Rate:

Our success can be attributed to some of our inherent operations policies that rank among the best in the country.

All functions and procedures within our workflow are seamlessly integrated within each other, allowing us to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of repossession, collection & recovery services, to the highest standards.

Over the years, we have formulated relationships with professionals in other fields that allow us to recover the debts of our clients faster than anyone else. We constantly invite experts and consultants in the debt repossession, collection & recovery industry, seeking their feedback and recommendations.

Members of our staff are provided in-house training on a regular basis, as well as focused training on specific case handling. We form strategic alliances with external channel partners and lawyers for critical cases.

We guarantee an ethical and professional service, at all times.

History and operations:

Once a registered client has provided us with information on the debt, including supporting documents, the case is reviewed and the data is registered in our program, covering all stages and strategies of the repossession, collection & recovery process.

Our communication with debtors and clients include faxes, letters, emails, phone calls, SMS messages and field visits, and we make every effort to arrange payment amicably. In the process, we actively try to resolve any or all disputes and obtain clear commitments on resolution. If a debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt, or if the issue cannot be settled through conventional collection methods, we also engage in pre-legal and legal action towards full and final recovery.

With a current repossession, collection & recovery rate that is ranked among the highest in the industry, we continue to serve a wide range of clients in diverse fields of industry, commerce and business, especially those in the banking and finance sectors, to which our services remain invaluable.

Client communication:

Our clients are kept informed and updated about the status of their specific case at all times.

As a fully accredited repossession, collection & recovery agency, we provide several approaches to the collection, recovery & repossession of delinquent debt. The repossession, collection & recovery alternatives offered are designed to meet the needs of different types of clients at different stages of recovery.

We cater to a wide range of clients that include individuals, banks, financial institutions, and corporate businesses - in industries that include oil and gas, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and service. Our services are contracted both by multinationals who prefer to outsource their debt recovery to experts as well as small family-run local organizations with little or limited access to legal assistance.

In the last few years, we have built ourselves an unchallenged reputation in the debt repossession, collection & recovery industry, through consistent delivery of excellent service and performance. Most of our longstanding clients reward us with letters and certificates commending our meritorious performance, and for exceeding their expectations.

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